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Residential Sales and Leasing

Despite the onslaught of global financial crisis that had viciously spread across every country, Dubai continues to tactically position itself as an international business center in the Middle East, magnetizing investments into itself and fortifying its most strong elements: trade, tourism, and logistics. It maintains a steady economic growth, reaching heights where it can be labeled as the haven of stability following the Arab Spring. Dubai stands strong as the primary destination of choice in the Middle East; the city’s name has become almost tantamount to ambitious development projects as reflected in its astonishing array of hotels, resorts, villas, and apartments. While Dubai typifies a truthful image of inevitable modernization through its towering buildings and luxurious residential areas, it offers a wide range of accommodations for lower class, middle class, and upper class of society. Property Concierge has remained true and unchanging to its ever-lasting commitment since 2008 to provide excellent services, especially as regards residential property sales and rentals. When seeking and purchasing a certain Dubai property doesn’t come close to being a breeze, one can avail of the personalized services and exclusive attention of Property Concierge’s enthusiastic and dynamic professional team who will conscientiously support you every step of the way on landing the residential property that fits both your taste and your requirements and needs. Property Concierge enjoys an impressive access to a constantly updated inventory of Dubai’s hottest properties and development projects. Whether one is looking for a cozy studio apartment or five-bedroom apartment to buy or rent or a furnished, serviced, or holiday villa nothing short of architectural aesthetics, functionality, luxury, and style, our specialized property consultants and real estate agents can make the process of buying, selling, or renting any residential property less overwhelming for you, if not downright convenient.

Commercial Sales and Leasing

The real estate market in Dubai maintains an unfaltering growth, with residential and retail markets experiencing more broad-based recovery and the investment market sustaining stable activity with increased amount of commercial and residential transactions. Businesses in Dubai witness either stability or improvement with respect to conditions, and the intercultural mixture of nationalities in the city and the incessantly growing needs of a proportionally growing population bring forth lucrative consumerism. Overall the business outlook in Dubai can only be described at present as strong and upbeat. This obviously translates to the fact that the demand for commercial real estate (i.e., properties such as offices, warehouses, commercial plots, and shopping centers) is high in Dubai. Property Concierge can give you a willing hand when it comes to finding commercial properties that not only befit your meticulous taste for design and adequacy of space but also are specific to the requirements of your business. We understand how delicate, painstaking, and somewhat daunting setting up new businesses or expanding diverse business branches in Dubai can be and how the number of value-determining factors to consider when selecting an office space (e.g., location, economics, and demographics) can be blatantly overwhelming. Through our extensive expertise and knowledge of the Dubai property market, not to mention our unparalleled access to investors and inventory of Dubai commercial properties, we guarantee that your experience of buying, selling, or renting an office, a labor house, or warehouse will be positive, hassle-free, and most importantly profitable.

Property Conveyancing

Property Concierge is steadfast on its goal to promote a culture of excellence, professionalism, and consistency of service of the highest possible standard among its conveyancers. We firmly believe that the transfer of ownership interest in real estate property from one party to another should proceed as smoothly as possible. We ensure that contracts are delivered promptly and the finest things such as the obligations and responsibilities of both parties are explained clearly and thoroughly to our clients, guiding and assisting them every step of the way and communicating with them regularly for any updates about the progress of the transaction. Our dynamic professional conveyancers have years of experience as well as reputation of outstanding service under their belts and can provide efficient service, specializing in client assistance as regards requirements when buying or selling property and in other legal-related matters.

Financial Services and Mortgage Consultation

Property Concierge banks on the premise that the process of securing a mortgage should be as simple as it should be quick and that turning your dream of coming to your own “home” with a mortgage does not equate to shooting for the moon as what one might initially think. Through our customer-focused experienced real estate agents who all have obtained invaluable expertise over the years, especially on the volatility of market conditions, fluctuations in the industry, and emerging opportunities, Property Concierge commits itself to helping clients reach their objectives and choose options that best suit them; understand the mortgage conditions, requirements, and the predetermined set of payments; and in turn come up with sound financial choices. If you have already conceptualized in mind how your “dream” house should appear or have actually found the house you have been ardently looking for, but do not know if you can afford buying it, allow our experts to talk to you about financial options and lend their hands when selecting the financial plan for your purchase. No two borrowers are the same, each with his or her unique circumstance, income, and credit, and Property Concierge inarguably understands that. We carefully listen to what every client has to say, adeptly examine the situation to identify more alternatives and options to consider, and offer pragmatic custom-tailored solutions.

Property Management

With the Dubai economy demonstrating praiseworthy growth and strong performance in several sectors, real estate investment is an all time rewarding venture to be interested in. Owing to its legal system and principally its steady and impressive recovery from the global financial crisis in the market, Dubai productively attracts large volumes of residential and commercial transactions as investment sentiment. Property Concierge genuinely understands the value of the hard-earned money in your wallet or bank account and of your investment in general; property investment after all entails a long-term commitment where one is required to be financially equipped. While it is ideal for one to personally look into financial accounting and attend to preventive and corrective maintenance issues in order to safeguard property value while generating income, our esteemed property managers can capably act on your behalf. You need not look after tenant requests, collect rent, budget the expenses, and secure renters. Let Property Concierge’s skilled property managers do the administration of your residential and commercial real estate, and relax as you contentedly observe your investment be an established source of income. Our property management department caters to two distinct chief divisions of services to aptly address your specific property management-related needs: (1) the after-sales services for property owners and (2) the intermediate services between the owner and the tenant. Our post-sales services holistically concentrate on premises inspection and maintenance, attendance, and a diverse host of associated assistance and are the best choice for nonresidents and those who have newly arrived. These services come in three different packages, each of which comprising property management and personal assistance of different levels. Clients can also prefer one-time employ and virtual assistance. Our intermediate services on the other hand concern the management of rented property and are perfect for conveying communication from both sides—administration and management. We can serve as the owner’s representative and therefore deal with regulation and attend to all sorts of requests related to property rent.